10 Weekend Photography Hacks on Make: Projects

What better way to wind down our Photo and Video Month on MAKE than with a roundup of 10 photography hack projects you can embark on this weekend. Check out our photography archive for the full month’s coverage and then some. All 10 of the projects listed below are available... Read more »

Cream-of-the-crop DIY Softbox Designs

Thanks to Flickr user Matt Jones for hipping me to Udi Tirosh's recent homemade softbox design contest over on DIYPhotography.net. For those, like myself, who are unsure, a "softbox" or "soft box" is simply a diffuse lighting source for taking photos, commonly with a reflective interior and one or more... Read more »

DIY Panorama Rig

Pete Prodoehl’s panoramic head is made out of scrap wood and L-brackets Pete had lying around. The bottom photo, showing Milwaukee Makerspace, is an example of a photo Pete took with it. Read more »

Tool Review: Fotodiox Macro Bellows for SLR Cameras

Since June is Photography and Video month here at MAKE, we’re focusing (so to speak) on project documentation. To coincide with this theme, I decided to try out Fotodiox’s Macro Bellows, which is available for both Canon and Nikon SLRs. A macro bellows allows lenses that otherwise don’t have a... Read more »

How-To: Cinemagraphs

While animated GIFs have been around for a while, they’ve recently been adopted by photographers to add small amounts of looping motion to otherwise still images. It’s no wonder they’ve been seen all over the web lately, as the result is often a quite entrancing moving photograph. If you’re interested... Read more »

Make: Live Episode 11: Photo and Video (preview video)

Join us Wednesday evening for the next episode of Make: Live, our streaming show and tell! Ep11 is all about photography and video. We’ll be giving you a behind-the-scenes look at how we put together Make: Live and Matt Griffin from MakerBot will show us how they make their timelapse... Read more »

DIY Semi-Anamorphic Pinhole Camera

Check out this DIY semi-anamorphic pinhole camera from maker Costas Kaounas. Easy assembly from cardboard and black tape, the camera shoots 35mm film across an arch to capture a slightly semi-anamorphic image. [via DIYP] Read more »