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Oobleck for Potholes


A group Case Western Reserve University undergraduates have created a waterproof Kevlar-reinforced pouch filled with shear-thickening fluid that can be simply dropped into a pothole to effect a quick fix. Under its own weight, the goo flows to take the shape of the pothole. But when a car drives over,... Read more »

Bones of Blue Plasma

Eric Franklin Montage

Part of a series of skeletal gas discharge lamps from sculptor Eric Franklin. This one is called Embodiment. Franklin's work makes a nice compliment to Jessica Lloyd-Jones' neon organs, which we posted about last week. Read more »

How-To: Low-Cost Gyroscopic Camera Stabilizer

DIY gyroscopic camera stabilizer

DIY physics guru David Prutchi coveted one of the expensive professional-grade gyroscopic camera stabilizers made by Kenyon Laboratories. "These devices," he observes, "don’t seem to have changed much since Kenyon’s founder filed the following two patents in the 50′s: US2811042, US2570130." Referencing those patents, David reverse-engineered the basic geometry of... Read more »

Make: Projects – Invisible Glass Photography

Glass-in-oil photography

I wanted an unusual shot to show off the results from my recent soda can label embossing project, and had some success using this unusual method. There is a classic physics demonstration, sometimes disguised as a bit of stage magic, in which pieces of glass are made to disappear by... Read more »