Pinhole video

Josh Grant cobbled together a pinhole lens for his DSLR, threw on a UV filter and started shooting. I took it with me to the park the next sunny afternoon, along with a tripod, expecting to take a few multi-second exposures of dandelions. I was surprised to learn that I... Read more »

DSLR pinhole lens

Do you like the way a pinhole photo looks, but don't have the time to develop the photo? That's where the DSLR pinhole lens comes in. Maker Matt Devlin has put together a tutorial on how to make your own using household materials. Read more »

Three-roll pinhole camera

This excellent pinhole camera exposes three rolls of film simultaneously. The work of Steven Monteau of Bordeaux, France, it’s a pretty slick project, using felt-tipped pens to advance the rolls and marker tops as the knobs. Even better, Monteau provides a detailed tutorial on how to make your own. [Thanks,... Read more »

Pinhole photo contest

Lensbaby, who make fun lenses for DSLRs (including, not coincidentally, a pinhole simulator lens) are offering a pinhole photo contest. Pinhole photography can be beautiful, ethereal, and even magical, and takes us back to the earliest origins of image making. Help us celebrate this wonderful photography medium just in time... Read more »

Weekend Project: Pinhole Panoramic Camera

A sturdy, panoramic design pinhole camera that uses 120 film. Thanks go to Ross Orr for the original article in MAKE Volume 09. To download The Pinhole Panoramic Camera video video click here and subscribe in iTunes. Check out the complete Pinhole Panoramic Camera article in MAKE Volume 09 and... Read more »

Ultra-slow-exposure pinhole photography

Finnish photographer Ollipekka Kangas tapes pinhole cameras to trees and sign poles for months at a time, accumulating some pretty crazy imagery. Basically solarigraphic camera is a pinhole camera, very slow one. These pinhole photographs taken with a lensless pinhole camera with a extra long exposure. I use black&white paper... Read more »

RPM pinhole cameras, kits, and free plans

RPM cameras sells handmade mat-board pinhole cameras, optionally cased in leather as shown above. They'll sell you a kit for half the price of a finished camera, and they also host a free tutorial on how to build a simple version for yourself. [Thanks, Billy Baque!] Read more »