Choosing Fasteners for Fused Filament Parts

Melt-in threaded inserts

I Heart Robotics is running a cool series of posts testing the merits and failure modes of various types of threaded fasteners in 3D-printed plastic parts. So far they've hit wood screws, self-tapping plastic screws, and a special type of melt-in threaded insert for machine screws I'd never seen before.... Read more »

Re-Blowmolding Turns Pop Bottles Into Piggy Banks

The banks can be painted inside, or not

[viddler id=1409630 w=580 h=330]   In this video from Core77, designer Taylor McKenzie-Veal uses a toaster, a two-part wooden mold, and a bit of compressed air to turn an empty sports drink bottle into a plastic piggy bank.  So much win.  [via adafruit] This Little Piggy — Taylor McKenzie-Veal Design... Read more »

Easy Vacuum Forming with a Guy Fawkes Mask

Screen shot 2012-02-02 at 8.49.13 AM

My German pal Aram Bartholl shows you the principles of vacuum forming with his homemade rig for churning out Guy Fawkes masks. The video takes you to 28C3 and other public venues where visitors customized their masks while learning the process. Read more »

What is the World’s Strongest Plastic?


It’s a simplistic question, possibly even naive. Put it to a chemical engineer or a materials scientist, and she or he will almost certainly not come back with a single answer, but with (at least) two questions: What do you mean by “plastic?” Do thermosetting materials like epoxy count? What... Read more »