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The Many Uses of ShapeLock

ShapeLock is an amazingly useful polycaprolactone plastic that starts to melt and become moldable at 160ºF. When it cools to room temperature it becomes rigid and tough with qualities similar to nylon. By heating it in water with a microwave or using a heat gun, you can easily hand form... Read more »

Skill Builder: Working with ABS Plastic

As part of our Plastics theme, we've uploaded Charles Platt's excellent ABS Plastic Fantastic Desk Set article from MAKE Volume 10. By the time you're done, you'll have three handsome, handmade desk set pieces (a pen holder, a CD caddy/drawer, and a book/magazine stand) and a great introduction to working... Read more »

Introducing Plastics Month

The very word means capable of being shaped, molded. Plastic is a cheap, durable, plentiful, extremely adaptable, and variable material that can be put to seemingly endless uses, from furnishings, building materials, and machine parts, to tools, weapons, vehicles, to now just about anything that can be extruded from a... Read more »