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Panda Head Magazine Issue 7


Morgan Hungerford and her team of creators, Nilay Lawson, Eric Loften, and Kate Green just put out issue 7 of the aesthetically-riveting Panda Head Magazine. The latest issue is their biggest endeavor yet with 70 contributors, a commune-theme, and the perfectly lovely/creepy cherry on top is the Panda cult camping... Read more »

3D-Printed Mixtape

The future is here, and it's old school

I’m a sucker for sentimental gifts (secret admirers, take note).  At home, I have a small, highly prized collection of mixtapes: some were gifts from childhood friends, and others were tokens of affection from boyfriends of yore.  Each one was a work of art as much as it was a... Read more »

DIY Breakout Desk for iPad 2

Reed Ghazala’s breakout desk turns the iPad into a serious music tool. So many cool experimental music apps on the iPad! But what a lousy interface. Dealing with dongles to get audio into and out of the thing is a pain. This desk allows all jacks to be mounted on... Read more »


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