Alt.CES: Vuzix augmented reality glasses

The Vuzix Wrap 920AR is the sort of high-end consumer gadget that would end up serving as merely a head-mounted display and its AR component would fall by the wayside. But imagine its full potential in the hands of an expert hacker… Wrap 920AR eyewear [consists of] a stereo camera... Read more »

Flashback: Homebrew Digital 3D Movies

All the buzz about the movie Avatar has me reminiscing about the Optics issue of MAKE. In Volume 14, award-winning filmmaker and digital artist Eric Kurland showed us how to build a 3D dual-camera rig, and make a live 3D video monitor and PSP stereoscope to go with it. Here’s... Read more »

DIY micro projector

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  • 12/17/2009 @ 8:19 pm
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Jim K writes in to share this fun-looking project, a DIY handheld projector. Similar to the larger homebrew video projectors we have covered in the past, this one uses the screen from a portable TV screen to make a handheld micro projector. Read more »

Synchronized iPod touch grid

When I first saw this proof of concept synchronized grid of iPods I wondered why somebody would go through all the trouble. I have to catch myself when I think like this. Sometimes it's best to just appreciate the polychromatic glow and short staccato chirping for what it is. Read more »