Collin’s Lab: Custom fit earbuds

I’ve used quite a variety of sound-isolating personal audio gear; around-ear cans, in-ear buds, as well as active noise-canceling models. All of these posed problems for me in one way or another. Most often, it came down to issues with comfort and how well each design could maintain a good... Read more »

DSLR equipped RC helicopter

Some of the newer DLSR cameras will shoot surprisingly good HD video. Put one on a RC helicopter and you've got one exciting toy that can that can take a professional quality shot at a fraction of the cost. Texas-based videographer, maker, and RC pilot Eric Austin has done just... Read more »

Virtual 3D “fish tank” box has screens all around

The brilliant (if perhaps poorly named) pCubee from The University of British Columbia's Human Communications Technology Lab is exactly what it appears to be--a box with flat screens on 5 sides. Both the user's position and the orientation of the box are tracked to provide a real-time, perspective-corrected illusion of... Read more »

Impromptu live streaming video rig

We just finished up with Ignite Sebastopol, part of Global Ignite Week. During the setup the camera we were going to use to stream the event ended up not working, so we cobbled together this live streaming video rig using a clamp, some duct tape, a light stand, and my... Read more »

Alt.CES: Vuzix augmented reality glasses

The Vuzix Wrap 920AR is the sort of high-end consumer gadget that would end up serving as merely a head-mounted display and its AR component would fall by the wayside. But imagine its full potential in the hands of an expert hacker… Wrap 920AR eyewear [consists of] a stereo camera... Read more »

Flashback: Homebrew Digital 3D Movies

All the buzz about the movie Avatar has me reminiscing about the Optics issue of MAKE. In Volume 14, award-winning filmmaker and digital artist Eric Kurland showed us how to build a 3D dual-camera rig, and make a live 3D video monitor and PSP stereoscope to go with it. Here’s... Read more »

DIY micro projector

Jim K writes in to share this fun-looking project, a DIY handheld projector. Similar to the larger homebrew video projectors we have covered in the past, this one uses the screen from a portable TV screen to make a handheld micro projector. Read more »