Sugru’s Fixer’s Manifesto


I love Sugru’s Fixer’s Manifesto! A lot of these items we’ve seen before, in such manifestos as Mister Jalopy’s Owner’s Manifesto or the iFixit Repair Manifesto, Platform21’s Repair Mainfesto, as well as The Cult of Done. However, it’s always nice to see it restated! Interested in Sugru? You can find... Read more »

Raspberry Pi in the Sky!

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  • 11/08/2012 @ 2:52 pm
Readying the Raspberry Pi for kite flying.

PublicLaboratory¬†is a fantastic citizen scientist organization with really useful projects like DIY spectrometers (for finding out what’s really in stuff) and aerial mapping for monitoring of oil spills, landfills, etc. They’ve done some fantastic work using the continuous shooting mode of consumer cameras, including converting them to near infrared. The... Read more »