Retro R/C Racer

Retro RC Racer opener

Using scrap sheet metal and pop rivets, you can construct a model 1930s British Midget racer that combines vintage “tether car” styling with modern R/C capabilities. Read more »

Maker Hangar ep6: Maker Trainer 2

In this episode of Maker Hangar, I give you an intro to the Maker Trainer 2. See the changes and improvement I made from the old design and see all the advantages of this new plane. In the next episode, I'll will show us how to build the entire airplane,... Read more »

Maker Hangar Episode 5: Servos


In Episode 5 of Maker Hangar, Lucas Weakley teaches us about servos, these are the little motors that move the control surfaces on RC planes. We learn about the different parts of a servo, and what each of them do. We see how to classify servos by their sizes, weights,... Read more »