iPad Controlled RC Car

Wannes Vermeulen created an iPad app to control a modded RC car, complete with a remote point-of-view camera: I used two servo motors attached to the original remote control of the car to adjust speed and steering. These are controlled by an Arduino Uno, which gets the accelerometer data from... Read more »

How-To: "Sub Micro" R/C Blimp

Inspired in part by the Plantraco Nanoblimp, Instructables user masynmachien built this impressive 3-axis ultralight R/C blimp gondola. With an 11" latex balloon filled with helium, it will carry its own weight of about 10g; with a 14" balloon, he reports, "it has a payload capacity for a miniature camera." Read more »

Radio Controlled Flying Super Hero

Portland, Oregon resident Greg Tanous designed this superhumanoid R/C airplane that is almost certain to delight any child, inner or outer, who beholds it. Given the unbridled awesomeness of its subject, I am inclined to forgive the er, enthusiastic rock music soundtrack in this video, but feel obliged to warn... Read more »


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