Alt.Comic-Con: The Magic of Frankenweenie


My absolute Comic-Con highlight yesterday was getting a chance to tour the traveling art exhibition for Tim Burton’s upcoming stop-motion, black & white film, Frankenweenie. The small exhibition area (Hall E, Booth 3635) was walled off by several of the actual sets from the film: A classroom, an attic workshop,... Read more »

Alt.Comic-Con: Strolling Artists’ Alley


My morning at Comic-Con was jam-packed, and I do mean jam-packed. It’s absurdly crowded. The whole harbor area of San Diego is aswarm with unwashed geek masses (and the booth babes who pretend to like them). Just crossing the street is a major logistical undertaking. The first thing you notice... Read more »

MAKE Goes to Comic-Con


We’re excited to be covering Comic-Con this year for MAKE, as part of our “alt.” event coverage, where we look at these cons through a maker’s lens. I got here last night and things were already hopping. The scale of this event is staggering. I’ll be talking to some old... Read more »

Did Somebody Say Suzuki SXbox 360?


Spotted this image on G+, with the obligatory chides of being Darwin Award-worthy-dumb and the obvious "Where's the monitor?" I did some poking around online and found the source article on Team Xbox. Don't worry, one doesn't drive and game. This is for park and play only. It's a Suzuki... Read more »