How-To: Handlebars Bike Hanger


Cool, simple tutorial from one Kyle Wilson. Ingredients: One set drop-style handlebars, one matching quill stem, a short pipe nipple to match, a pipe flange, a few screws, and some bar-tape and -ends (or their improvised equivalents). Read more »

Re-Blowmolding Turns Pop Bottles Into Piggy Banks

The banks can be painted inside, or not

[viddler id=1409630 w=580 h=330]   In this video from Core77, designer Taylor McKenzie-Veal uses a toaster, a two-part wooden mold, and a bit of compressed air to turn an empty sports drink bottle into a plastic piggy bank.  So much win.  [via adafruit] This Little Piggy — Taylor McKenzie-Veal Design... Read more »

Lighting Fixture from Crate Wood


From Sebastien Demeulenaere comes this wall-mounted fixture made from reused crates. The orange light emanating from the inside gives great ambiance, and the filter can be switched out at will to provide different colors. Of course, the use of otherwise-discarded materials is certainly a bonus in my book. Read more »

How-To: Knock Down a Pallet with Simple Tools

If you don't reclaim enough pallet lumber to justify a specialized prybar for the purpose, it is of course possible to knock down shipping pallets using everyday hand tools. But don't pry - that'll just split the wood. Instead, knock out the boards and nails from behind with a hammer.... Read more »

Cabinet Made Out of Reused Plastic Crates


A clever and beautiful reuse of plastic industrial crates: making an awesome storage system! Created by Mark van der Gronden, the “crates cabinets” are sold by Lensvelt. The series of cabinets, Krattenkast (crates cabinet), is a simple design concept: a steel frame with multicoloured, second hand crates, which act as... Read more »