New Review: Tool Review: Engineer PH-55 Scissors GT

Sheath lock detail

Besides some top-notch bloggin', the team at I Heart Engineering maintains a great catalog of interesting and hard-to-find tools, kits, parts, and other gear for makers. When these crazy-looking heavy-duty scissors by trending Japanese toolmongers Engineer Inc. first caught my eye, a few weeks back, I was not at all... Read more »

Natural Dyeing


Book Review:¬†Harvesting Color¬†by Rebecca Burgess Review by Meara O’Reilly I recently experimented with using the oxalis plant (more commonly known as the weed sourgrass) to dye some towels a bright yellow. It was such an easy and rewarding process, I wanted to look around and see what other colors might... Read more »

Product Review: Cricut Mini


I missed the original Cricut insanity a few years back when the original model debuted. My friends went NUTS for it, raving about what a great addition it was to their crafty tool supply. On Black Friday, I watched as shoppers knocked each other down trying to pick up sale-priced... Read more »