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Tool Review: BOA Versa Saw

BOA Restricted Access Versa Saw Publicity Shot

A regular hacksaw frame is fixed to the blade at both ends. These restricted-access hacksaws, on the other hand, are fixed to the blade only at the back end, closest to your hand, and support the front end using a reciprocating, spring-loaded bar with a thin guide slot and a... Read more »

Tool Review: Schröder 9″ Hand Drill

Schröder mini hand drill in use

I picked up a pair of these German-made drills from Garrett Wade: the 9" Mini Hand Drill ($25.50) and the 12" Larger Hand Drill ($46.50), which has an additional wood knob opposite the crank handle. Since the Mini reminds me more of the old eggbeater, I'm using that. It looks... Read more »

Tool Review: DeWalt 20V Impact Driver


My all-time favorite tool for home repair is the DeWalt 18V, half-inch, cordless drill. I like it because it drills and drives everything I need, and it’s utterly reliable and built like a tank. I’ve used it for years on a weekly basis, and it’s been loaned to friends and... Read more »

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