Review: Afinia H480 3D Printer


Afinia continues to live up to its “easy to use” reputation with their updated H-Series printer. The H480 printer may appear identical to the previous model, but it now includes automatic platform leveling and nozzle height detection. Automatic Calibration Leveling a print bed and setting the extruder height are two... Read more »

Review: Type A 2014 Series 1 3D Printer


Type A Machines’ 2014 Series 1 Edition is its first sleek, tooled, powder-coated aluminum and acrylic paneled printer with the largest build volume (one cubic foot!) of any printer we reviewed. Easy Setup, Minimalistic Controls Type A Machines invested considerable attention in crafting the documentation and unboxing experience. As a... Read more »

Review: BeeTheFirst 3D Printer


Looking for a truly consumer-grade printer that integrates looks and portability with smart design? You’ll find it in BeeTheFirst. Portugal’s BeeVeryCreative provides a fantastic out-of-the-box experience that allows anyone to painlessly enter the world of desktop 3D printing. Neophytes will be up and running quickly and this portable, polished machine... Read more »

Review: Ditto Pro 3D Printer


Back for a second year, Vancouver’s Tinkerine Studios has added a shiny new printer to their lineup, the Ditto Pro. We put the bright white machine through its paces and found that there’s a lot to like. Unique Open C Frame Keeping with the open design of their previous Ditto... Read more »

Review: Printrbot Simple Metal 3D Printer


The all-metal construction of the Printrbot Simple Metal feels more like a professional power tool than an entry-level 3D printer. The weight of this small, portable printer gives it a real sense of quality, and the inclusion of a now-standard auto-leveling bed makes it a real step up from its... Read more »