Even More CoasterBot Creativity

Last year when we did the Make: Robot Build, where readers were challenged to make a CoasterBot using dead DVD media (aka "coasters") as the main bot building material, we were amazed at the ingenuity and resourcefulness of many of the entries. Read more »

Five Fun Microcontrolled Bots to Build

Looking for some fun microcontrolled bot builds to get started on this weekend? Here are five project ideas with full build instructions on Make: Projects, from the simple One-Hour CoasterBot to the more complex but super cool Yellow Drum Machine shown above. Read more »

Skill Builder: Hexbug Hacking

In response to our Robotics theme on the site, several parents have written me to ask about entry-level robotics projects for little kids, and what's the appropriate age of entry. Of course, the latter part of that is hard to answer. It depends very much on the child. The obvious... Read more »

Win a Copy of Robot Builder’s Bonanza

Gordon McComb is helping us out on the site this month in support of the release of MAKE Volume 27, our latest robotics issue, and for our monthly Robotics theme here online. Gordon has also just release the fourth edition of his groundbreaking book, Robot Builder's Bonanza. The first edition... Read more »