Orientation aware camera

From the MAKE Flickr photo pool Andrew from Boulder, CO created an orientation aware USB camera and imaging software to go with it - First I built a circuit to make it so I could read a 3-axis magnetometer and a 3-axis accelerometer over USB, just for the heck of... Read more »

DS sample scratching

wigidy-wigetty-Woah, Nintendo DS homebrew software has come a long way! DScratch is the first module made using my Protein engine – it’s a little audio manipulation software running on Nintendo DS, which ables you to play with an .wav audio sample, a recorded audio sample or even audio streaming from... Read more »

Max 5 software released

If you’ve been put off by the complexity of the Max/MSP multimedia development software in the past, you might want to give the new version a looksee. The developers have given the software a pretty major overhaul, visually simplifying much of the interface. – Max 5 Of course, the $495... Read more »


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