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The “Genny” Cellphone Charger and Power Source for Africa

The "Genny" is a multi-purpose treadle-powered machine for rural areas of developing countries, a power source for such needs as: Charging cellphones Charging batteries Processing grain Providing peak power for undersized solar systems Turning water pumps and machine tools Local – Not Imported Gennies can be built using locally available... Read more »


Project video at… For my son’s fourth birthday, we decided on a fire truck theme. We started the party with a tour of a fire station and then went back to the house for a firefighters’ obstacle course and the creation of several Duplo fire trucks (and of course,... Read more »

Digital TV Coat-Hanger Antenna

Television antennas are comprised of a series of metal rods cut to exact lengths and positioned so they receive a particular television frequency. The following design was invented in the 1960s by an engineer named Doyt Hoverman. It is particularly sensitive in the UHF frequency range, the same range used... Read more »


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