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Maker dad saves babies

George DeCell got scared, then when he didn’t get the support he needed from the government or industry, he got Making. Many parents go around the house and kidproof their digs. Child locks on knobs, latches on drawers and cabinets, and outlet plugs are all supposed to make children safer... Read more »

MAKE Interview: DIY video mixers and more with Karl Klomp

“OSD-glitcher”, (Klomp, 2006, 2007) Interview/Article by Jonah Brucker-Cohen In the multifarious world of circuit bending outdated audio and video sampling devices, there is a strong community of artists and makers who are pushing the envelope on their designs with each new incarnation of their work. One of these impresarios is... Read more »

Active learning robot

A team of folks have developed this iRobot Create (former Roomba) project for engaging kids in learning basic programming skills and logic. Byron Lahey, Natalie Freed, Alex Kim and Camilla Jensen write: Our robot recognizes “command tiles” placed in view of its mounted camera and acts accordingly (“turn left,” “stop,”... Read more »

Monocrom: human USB interface instructions

This video by Vienna’s “Monocrom” artist group details how to build a “Human-USB” interface by combining everything from old ice skates, onions in alcohol and even our own videographer in residence, Bre Pettis. Bre presented the “Brain Machine” at Dorkbot Vienna last month. Well, watch and you’ll get the idea.... Read more »

Make Goes to the OSHKOSH Airshow

Click To Play mp4 | blip Make’s Publisher Dale Dougherty along with Contributing Editor Bill Gurstelle and Associate Publisher Dan Woods recently attended the OSHKOSH Air Show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Among the interesting features of this show, aimed at recreational flyers, are people who build their own airplanes, such as... Read more »

The Maker File: High Tech Red Neck

In part 4, we wrap up the 2006 Punkin Chunkin series. We meet the self-professed high-tech red neck, John Buchele of Jeffersontown, Virginia. John, who spent $70,000 on his air cannon, brings his family and friends to Punkin Chunkin. Finally, in the town square in Georgetown, Delaware, Bill and Dale... Read more »


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