Makey Awards 2012 Nominee 14, Tamiya, Documentation

Founded in Shikuoza, Japan in 1946, Kabushiki gaisha Tamiya was originally a sawmill and architectural lumber company that made wooden ship models as a sideline. Their first plastic model, released in 1960, was a 1/800 scale battleship Yamato. Today, Tamiya manufactures R/C sea, air, and land vehicles, robots, educational materials,... Read more »

Makey Awards 2012 Nominee 12, Atmel, Most Hackable Gadget


Last year, when Phil wrote his widely-read Why Arduino Won column, searching "arduino" on the Atmel website didn't return even a single hit. Since that time, Atmel has started taking notice, linking out to Arduino resources from their "Education" pages, issuing their own press releases to support important Arduino-related events,... Read more »

Makey Awards 2012 Nominee 10, Gakken, Documentation

Instructions for the Theo Jansen Strandbeest

We’re very happy to nominate Gakken for this year’s Documentation Makey. Gakken is a huge publishing company that’s been around for over sixty years producing educational materials and kits like the Denshi blocks they brought to market in the 70s. We’ve been carrying their Otona no Kagaku (Adult Science) mook... Read more »

Makey Awards 2012 Nominee 09, NASA, Education

Classic NASA %22Worm%22 logo

Among NASA's nine legislative "prime directives" is "[t]he preservation of the role of the United States as a leader in aeronautical and space science and technology and in the application thereof to the conduct of peaceful activities within and outside the atmosphere." This mandate has informed the agency's fundamental role... Read more »