Which Pi do I have?

Raspberry Pis

The Raspberry Pi isn't just a single board any more, there are a growing number of different variants available. Unfortunately they all look rather similar, and sometimes it can be important which board is which. Fortunately there are a number of ways to figure out which board you have. Read more »

10 Hot New Boards to Watch

The Arduino Yún

Over the last few months there have been a sudden rush of new micro-controller boards onto the market. A lot of that is down to Kickstarter and the appearance of a number slightly tweaked Arduino clones. A lot of them feature some sort of mesh networking, or other wireless capability.... Read more »

PeerTalk, BeagleBone, and Raspberry Pi

I came across an excellent bit of wizardry by Rasmus Andersson called PeerTalk. It's a Objective-C library allowing you to communicate between your iPhone and your Mac over the USB dock cable using TCP sockets. My immediate thought was that the same mechanism should be able to be used to... Read more »

Sir Mix-a-Bot, the Robot Bartender

Putting on the finishing touches

We've seen a lot of drinkbots here on MAKE in nearly every configuration. However, I don't think I've ever seen one as polished and elegant as Dave Zucker's project, called Sir Mix-a-Bot. It's a PUMA arm, the sort used for manufacturing, mounted on an elegantly veneered table with liquor and... Read more »

Sharing Senses with onemile

How cool would it be to see through someone else’s eyes, or to sense how fast they’re breathing or how loud their location might be? We can’t really do that yet, but that doesn’t stop people from experimenting with technology to at least get a taste of that goal. onemile... Read more »