So You Have a Raspberry Pi… Now What?

Raspberry Pi makes a great companion for DIY camera projects. Above, David Hunt used the Raspberry Pi to make a custom battery grip for his DSLR.

I love talking to people about Raspberry Pi, but quite often I hear people say, “I just bought a Raspberry Pi and I don’t know what to do with it!” I understand this dilemma. When I’m playing with a cool new technology that has so many possible uses, it can... Read more »

Build a 3D Scanner Out of Junk… in 24 Hours


Last June, the LVL1 hackerspace in Louisville, KY, held a 24-hour hackathon, where several teams stayed up all night, competing with each other to use an Arduino, a breadboard, as well as any components they could harvest from LVL1’s junkpile, to build the coolest project possible. Joe Pugh and his... Read more »

Hacking on the Frontier of Gestural Input


When the Microsoft Kinect game controller came onto the scene in 2010, the maker community immediately saw its potential as an input device for 3D scanning, gestural input, and spacial recognition. Initially, Microsoft didn’t like the idea of people hacking their product, but it didn’t stop the most eager among... Read more »

Making Magic with Arduino

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 4.57.42 PM

Pulling a rabbit out of a hat is a neat trick. But how about wowing crowds of kids with an old suitcase that performs magic thanks to 18 synchronized, Arduino-powererd servos that whir about hidden from view? In many respects Mario "the Magician" Marchese, with his narrow suspenders and pork... Read more »

The Monday Jolt: HarvestGeek Rules the Greenhouse

The Monday Jolt is a new series about microcontrollers and electronics that appears in MAKE every Monday morning. HarvestGeek is an ambitious project to automate a greenhouse or other growing environment through the use of a variety of sensors hooked up wirelessly to an Open Source, Arduino-compatible base station. An... Read more »