Tool Review: Festool Sortainer

Festool "Sortainers"

When I built my first circuit, all of my tools and supplies fit inside a small shoebox. When I built my first robot, all was contained in a small under-the-bed clothing tote. Now, more than 12 years and many projects, tools, and parts later, my storage needs have become so... Read more »

Tool Review: VamPLIERS Screw Extraction Tool

Grabbing truss head

Vampire Tool's patented VamPLIERS are advertised as a multipurpose screw remover, and they're very good at it. The jaws have rounded recesses with vertical serrations, as well as the standard horizontal ones, making it much easier to grip and turn screw heads. They look great and are super handy to... Read more »

Tool Review: Engineer PH-55 Scissors GT

Sheath lock detail

Besides some top-notch bloggin', the team at I Heart Engineering maintains a great catalog of interesting and hard-to-find tools, kits, parts, and other gear for makers. When these crazy-looking heavy-duty scissors by trending Japanese toolmongers Engineer Inc. first caught my eye, a few weeks back, I was not at all... Read more »

Tool Review: The Easydriver

Easydriver Montage

Admittedly, there are lots of ratcheting screwdrivers in the world. Especially nowadays. But I love the Easydriver, and I suspect I always will, and not just for the warm glow of nostalgia the one from Dad's toolbox evokes for me. The Easydriver, IMHO, is a classic of modern industrial design.... Read more »

Tool Review: PanaVise Vise Buddy Jr.


I tend to do my fine-detail circuit work inside the house on my electronics workbench, and rougher work in my garage workshop. I have vises installed in both places, each chosen to suit the work: in the house I use a PanaVise Jr. Mini-Vise mounted on a tray base; in... Read more »