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Pristine 1838 “Rose Engine” Lathe

Rose Engine Detail

A rose engine is a type of geometric lathe used to produce complex radial engravings called Guilloché, which are used both for decorative and security (i.e. anticounterfeiting) purposes. Those of you with more than $238,000 of disposable cash lying around may be irked to discover that the auction for this... Read more »

The ITP Laser Cutter

Laser cut tag

Yesterday this year's ITP Summer Camp kicked off with a series of how to introductions, basic "Hello World" courses, giving introductions to soldering, Arduino, Processing, and how to use their laser cutter. An Epilog Mini 24 — a 50 Watt desktop laser cutter. Read more »

Your Favorite Tools, Part 2

Thanks to everyone who sent in e-mails and pictures of their old warhorses and shiny new friends following our last crowdsourced tools collection. Here are a few more of our favorites from among your submissions, as well as some supplemental staff choices, including one of my own, thrown in at... Read more »

FirstLight: The Story of a Telescope

Douglas Smith's "First Light" Dobsonian Telescope

Oakland resident Douglas Smith is an architect by training, working as a BIM / CAD manager at the San Francisco offices of internationally-renowned skyscraper architects Skidmore Owings & Merrill. In 2006, co-worker and amateur astronomer David Frey persuaded him to take an amateur telescope-making class at The Randall Museum, taught... Read more »

Your Favorite Tools, Part 1

"I stand here next to the Aciera F3 - a wonder of Swiss engineering designed with a small working envelope ideal for the typical range of work I do. It has a different operator layout from the typical Bridgeport style milling machines."

The most recent special edition of the Make: Newsletter asked readers: What is your favorite tool? We got some fantastic responses, many with photographs, from makers all over the world. These are just a few of them. Thanks to all our newsletter subscribers, to everyone who responded, and especially to... Read more »