Pristine 1838 “Rose Engine” Lathe

Rose Engine Detail

A rose engine is a type of geometric lathe used to produce complex radial engravings called Guilloché, which are used both for decorative and security (i.e. anticounterfeiting) purposes. Those of you with more than $238,000 of disposable cash lying around may be irked to discover that the auction for this... Read more »

The ITP Laser Cutter

Laser cut tag

Yesterday this year's ITP Summer Camp kicked off with a series of how to introductions, basic "Hello World" courses, giving introductions to soldering, Arduino, Processing, and how to use their laser cutter. An Epilog Mini 24 — a 50 Watt desktop laser cutter. Read more »

Your Favorite Tools, Part 2

"Bought this guy over 10 years ago.   Scales are long gone, spring for the pliers and scissors need replacing, it's grimy and notched, nicked and abused.  Still going strong, and if it's not in my pocket I immediately miss it."

Thanks to everyone who sent in e-mails and pictures of their old warhorses and shiny new friends following our last crowdsourced tools collection. Here are a few more of our favorites from among your submissions, as well as some supplemental staff choices, including one of my own, thrown in at... Read more »

FirstLight: The Story of a Telescope

Douglas Smith's "First Light" Dobsonian Telescope

Oakland resident Douglas Smith is an architect by training, working as a BIM / CAD manager at the San Francisco offices of internationally-renowned skyscraper architects Skidmore Owings & Merrill. In 2006, co-worker and amateur astronomer David Frey persuaded him to take an amateur telescope-making class at The Randall Museum, taught... Read more »


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