Cute and Crafty: Mini Plush Sewing Machine

Cute and Crafty: Mini Plush Sewing Machine

Get ready to make your sewing-obsessed pals very, very happy! Because, what stitcher doesn’t need a teeny tiny mini plush sewing machine? In the mood for a fun afternoon project? Add a touch of crafty cuteness to your sewing space with an adorable decorative mini plush sewing machine with this... Read more »

Minecraft Activated Arduino Alarm


You’ve amassed a small fortune in diamonds, wood, coal, iron, food, and the other resources you need. You’ve spent hours building the perfect Minecraft fortress to stockpile your goods. But who will watch your stash while you’re on another server? In this project guide, you’ll learn to use Arduino coding... Read more »

DIY Toys: Clothespin Animal Puppets

DIY Toys: Clothespin Animal Puppets

Have clothespins? Make toys! These DIY clothespin animal puppets are sure to be a huge playtime hit for your creative kids. Aren’t they cute? Whip up your own set of these cheap and charming toys with this clothespin animal puppets tutorial with free printable animal templates from Delia Creates. This... Read more »

Kid Craft: Cardboard Guitar

Kid Craft: Cardboard Guitar

DIY toy instruments are a great way to introduce creative kids to the joys of making music, and a simple cardboard guitar is a great place to start! Even if you have multiple age ranges in your home, this is definitely a bit of crafty play that will keep both... Read more »

Kid Crafts: Toilet Paper Roll Dinosaurs

Kid Crafts: Toilet Paper Roll Dinosaurs

Raid your recycle bin for a day of crafty fun! This toilet paper roll dinosaurs project will help you transform trash into toys for an awesome prehistoric playtime. Toilet paper rolls are a craft time staple for pretty much every preschool parent I know, and with good reason. Most households... Read more »