Now That’s an Enclosure

CYCLOPS by hellboy

I imagine Instructables user hellboy started out looking for a subtle, understated case design to show off his single-digit Nixie tube clock called CYCLOPS. Something well-crafted but minimal, and very modern, that would highlight the function of the device while tastefully eschewing decoration for its own sake. And then he... Read more »

Old Apple TV Finds New Life as Nixie Clock

If you’re not sure what to do with your obsolete electronics, take a look at how Daniel Kurth upcycled a first generation Apple TV into a sleek nixie tube clock. You can take a look inside and he’s also offering the CNC shapes for the tube holders and cover plate... Read more »

bildr’s twixie: Twitter meets Nixie

The orange glow is enough to drive a man mad from obsessing over it - but what to do with it? I wanted something that would be for bildr and, if possible, connect to the internet - doesn't everything need to? So, I decided to do what any self-obsorbed site-creator... Read more »