Robot Puppet Party at Maker Faire

JR, Jared and puppets

The Hello World Program would like to invite you to a Robot Puppet Party at the Maker Faire Bay Area next month. Hello World has been running for about a year, building a library of video tutorials on a variety of open source tech topics, narrated by handmade puppets. Guido... Read more »

Making Movies with Kids

A scene from Bianca Giaever's "The Scared is Scared."

Anyone who has kids will, at one time or another, point a video camera (or smartphone) at them and make a little home movie. But how about getting kids involved in making movies? Bianca Giaever doesn't have kids, but the young filmmaker has created a great short film called "The... Read more »

How-To: Fretboard “Shredcam”

Frantone Shredcam

Fran Blanche is a self-described "corset maker, pedal designer, engineer, artist, musician, occasional radio DJ, subpar singer, and full time goofball" from Philadelphia who has, at least in the not-too-distant past, run a bespoke guitar FX business called Frantone. So much win. Read more »

Which Camera Should You Use For Your Maker Project?


Blair Neal wrote an exhaustive Guide to Camera Types for Interactive Installations where he lays down various categories of cameras–everything from webcams to IR cameras to Kinects–and comments on their utility for different types of art installations, though I could totally see it being helpful for maker projects as well.... Read more »

Best of 2012: Google+ Hangouts on Air

Screen Shot 2012-12-21 at 4.21.26 PM

We dived into the world of Google+ hang outs on air this part summer with Maker Camp, six weeks of daily hangouts, live and online. If the web democraticized publishing, G+ hangouts have democratized the video broadcast. They can be as low or high production as you like. All that's... Read more »