Automated Camera Rigs for DJ/VJ Performance

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  • 12/18/2012 @ 10:42 pm

This is mostly an overview of prototypes i’ve come up with and the techniques and sources i used to build them. I’ll try and give as many details as i can so that others who are interested can use some of the same resource for similar projects. Read more »

Mobile Document Camera Stand


If you’re familiar with tabletop product photography and video, you know what a pain it can be to shoot those overhead shots while working on something at the same time. Setting up a tripod so you get the right shot without it getting in the way can be unnerving at... Read more »

Fifty-Cent Macro Lens


I wanted to contribute video in Make: Projects, but it turned out that none of the cameras I had in the house were of sufficient quality to do the job. The camera I had hoped to use was a Kodak Zx1, which I picked up for $45. It shoots 720p... Read more »

Tool Review: Optrix XD iPhone Case


The Optrix XD is a tough-as-nails iPhone 4/4S/Touch case with a built-in 175-degree wide-angle lens and is designed to mount on a bike, car, or some other vehicle, giving you great videos while protecting the phone. Optrix claims mil-spec durability with regards to impact, particle resistance, vibration, and water immersion.... Read more »

Bird-Mounted Cameras


Remember the documentary Winged Migration? The filmmakers were able to get all those great shots of migrating geese by acclimating them to the presence of an ultralight plane at an early age. The birds thought the plane was part of their flock. Now filmmaker John Downer has taken avian photography... Read more »