Sound-Generated Augmented Reality Sculptures

Konstruct is an investigation into Generative Art in an Augmented Reality environment. It is a sound reactive AR experience for the iPhone that allows the user to create a virtual sculpture by speaking, whistling or blowing into the device’s microphone. A variety of 3D shapes, colour palettes and settings can... Read more »

Make Real Time Autostereograms Using a Kinect

Here’s a neat way to visualize 3d data from your Kinect: turn it into a live autostereogram! Kyle McDonald and Golan Levin put together this ofxAutostereogram project using Open Frameworks. Source code to the project is available at the link. Read more »

Augmented Reality Gear Simulates Weather

Magic Vision Lab‘s weather simulator is great, but I think it needs an air conditioner slash personal sprinkler to make it more realistic. We examined a range of weather phenomenon and how they may be simulated in a mobile augmented reality system. ARWeather was developed and deployed on the Tinmith... Read more »

Interactive Mirror

Alpay Kasal, who helped create Alpha One Labs‘ Twitter-searching Christmas tree, has a new project: a touchscreen mirror. thought to build this version of the Interactive Mirror after I saw some dielectric glass mirrors with LCD panels built into them. They’re meant to be the bathroom of the future, complete... Read more »

Take a tour of the Arduino… but watch your step

engineerzero was kind enough to give a guided tour of a ginormous Arduino Uno to a handful of faceless Google SketchUp denizens recently. Highlights of the tour included a short stroll down Power Street to Analog Alley, where many different kinds of sensors can be connected. The group also had... Read more »

Rendering Kinect data in MineCraft

Kinect hacker Nathan Viniconis has been feeding Kinect data into MineCraft with some rather impressive results. The process, which is still manual at this point, creates motion by rendering each frame independently and then combining them to produce a seemingly realtime video. Supposedly there is an automated version in the... Read more »