Kinect talking to Flash via Node.js

Wouldn't it be cool to use a Kinect to interact with that fancy rich user interface you just whipped up in Flash? Well, prepare to be stoked. Interactive agency BLITZ has got you covered. Check out their demo video above. Word has it that they'll be dropping source code today. Read more »

Super Mario retro room mural

Nathan Roberts wrote a great step-by-step on how he revamped a plain bedroom into something special for his son. And with the pixelated retro Super Mario theme, this should appeal to some older "kids" in our audience as well. Read more »

Sound Bubbles

Musician and musical robot maker Charlie Williams created this fun art piece with a combination of OpenCV (an open-source computer vision toolkit that provides, among many things, facial recognition) and Processing. more info, including the opportunity to download the code and play with it yourself! Read more »

Reactive Cube, a 3D projector tank

These liquid-filled tanks, designed by Graham Plumb, project light through a mixture of water and “a specially formulated emulsion” consisting of “micron-sized particles of oil formulated to stay suspended in water.” Pretty sweet! [Via Spime] Read more »