Space Marine Helm Started as Paper Model

Space Marine Terminator Helm

We featured the papercraft form for this Space Marine Terminator helmet from MAKE regular Shawn Thorsson in the Flickr pool roundup about a month ago. It was impressive, even then, just as a pepakura model. Seeing how it turned out, covered inside and out with layers of Bondo-based resin, sanded,... Read more »

Sweet FDM/FFF 3D Printed Wargaming Minis

Until I saw these recent Warhammer 40K designs from Thingiverse user 3dYeti, however, I thought good-looking gaming minis were beyond the capabilities of hobby-scale desktop FDM/FFF (Fused Deposition Modeling, which is a trademarked term AKA Fused Filament Fabrication, which is not legally encumbered) printers like those from MakerBot, MakerGear, Ultimaker,... Read more »

Top 10: Prop Weapons

I set out to write a generic "props" round-up, but quickly discovered that our props tag is pretty deep, and covers a wide range of subjects including haunt props and/or prop furniture, elaborate costumes, and display props. I narrowed my focus, then, to props a person might carry around as... Read more »

Tabletop Gaming — Modeling Tips and Tricks

Image (2) barricade7_600.jpg for post 114644

In the early aughts, I ran a popular and well-regarded tabletop wargame modeling and converting site called 40K Konversions. It was dedicated to all forms of modeling related to the Warhammer 40,000 universe. I went through my articles from the site and have put together some of the best tips... Read more »