Wargame terrain how-to site and video series

Years ago, I got really into Warhammer 40,000, the tabletop miniature sci-fi wargame. I quickly found myself more into painting and converting the miniatures and building the terrain than in playing the game itself. I even ran a website for modeling and conversion for a few years. I’m starting to... Read more »

Sci-fi modeling masterclass

Several years ago, I got into playing the gothic sci-fi tabletop wargame Warhammer 40,000. I nearly bankrupted my family (and I’m only half-kidding), with all of the models, supplies, games books, terrain pieces I bought. I got to the point, like any addict, where I was “under reporting” my habit... Read more »

Mind-boggling miniature painting contest

Gareth writes – A few years back, I got obsessed with sci-fi tabletop wargamming (namely, Warhammer 4000). I even ran a popular sci-fi game modeling site for a time. As part of covering the hobby (at least that’s what I told the taxman), I attended several Games Day conventions in... Read more »