New Speed Record for Wind-Powered Kart


[Video Link] We’ve covered the wind kart creations of Rick Cavallaro and his colleague John Borton many times in the pages of MAKE and Make: Online. Why? Because we are fascinated by their successful efforts to build a wind-powered kart that can move directly downwind faster than the wind. After... Read more »

DDWFTTW: Rick Cavallaro

Rick Cavallaro and his team at DDWFTTW succeeded in making a wind powered vehicle that travels downwind at a speed faster than the wind itself. The vehicle is at Maker Faire Bay Area 2011, having newly accomplished a feat that was considered impossible by many. The vehicle is made from... Read more »

Aquaponic education and the Sun Curve

Megan Simmons of ISKME tells us about the Sun Curve Design Challenge. OERCommons is a place where they are storing and sharing educational resources about the Sun Curve and other educational projects. The structure and systems were designed by INKA Biosperic Systems. You might also check out her photos of... Read more »

Make your plans for SolarFest!

In the mail today arrived the 36 page schedule/flyer for this year’s SolarFest. Based on the three I’ve been to in the past, this should be an excellent time as well. There are plenty of workshops, live music, and great vendors who have either made their own wares or are... Read more »

Making electricity out of thin air

[Photo from Connors934 on Flickr] For this final installment of our Make: Green series, we look at a promising technology for generating electricity: wind turbines. A wind turbine consists of a propeller, a generator, and either an inverter or storage system. The propeller is essentially two or more airfoils attached... Read more »