Flashback: Wind Powered Generator

What better way to celebrate Earth Day than with a flashback to some clean, green wind-powered goodness. Back in MAKE Volume 05, Abe and Josie Connally shared a detailed DIY on how to make their Chispito Wind Generator (Spanish for “little spark”). The Connallys are knee deep in creating an... Read more »

Make a simple Savonius turbine

Here’s the simplest design I’ve found for my favorite type of turbine. Check out Otherpower for a discussion on sourcing suitable motors, and see Makezine’s plans for the Chispito for a traditional blade design. Read more »

Make electricity with the back shed

Brian sends this about The Back Shed, a great site with info about windmills and renewable energy. There is an excellent page about getting started with windmills. Particularly interesting isthe project for converting junker computer parts and pvc into a wind powered battery charger. Home made wind generators have been... Read more »

Ukiyo-e kinetic sculpture

This wind-driven sculpture is by Jeffery Laudenslager – I love the shapes it makes and how it plays with perspective. The sound of the ocean is really peaceful, too. Read more »

Weekend Project: Hard Drive Wind Chimes

Reuse a crashed hard drive or two for a set of wind chimes. Easy to make and sound great. Thanks go to Thomas Arey for the original article in Make Magazine. To download Hard Drive Wind Chimes MP4 click here or subscribe in iTunes. Check out the Hard Drive Wind... Read more »

Wind-powered string plucker

From the MAKE Flickr photo pool Ranjit from Brooklyn created this pleasant device and displayed it at the recent Figment Festival – seems a prime candidate to replace the windchime, hmm … windstring? – come see and hear this– um– whatever it is Read more »