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Zero to Make: Crash Course in Welding

There's something about the process of joining two pieces of metal together that captures people's excitement and curiosity. Outside of a romantic idea of welding masks, torches, and flying sparks, I had no idea what I was getting into. Now that I've taken a few classes, I've learned enough to... Read more »

Zero to Maker: Access to Tools

I was about five pages in when I discovered a major obstacle: I didn't have any of the tools the book required to do the suggested projects and experiments. I realized that despite my commitment to learning and my eagerness to get started, my goal of going from Zero to... Read more »

Zero to Maker: Project-Based Learning

I learned simple things like which way to hold the soldering iron and how to clean the tip before soldering -- trivial to an experienced maker, but nerve-wracking to the newbie. As important as such subtle learning was, the big lesson didn't hit me until the following day while I... Read more »