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Audrick Fausta has always loved to dance. As a child he took lessons in funk, salsa, and break dancing. Audrick also has a fascination with robots, growing froalm early exposure via Sci-Fi movies. He eventually bought some robotics kits and began to focus his studies in this area. After going through the very hard experience of being expelled from school, Audrick returned to his home in Guadeloupe. There he began to bring his two passions together and combine robotics and dance into entertaining videos.

He returned to France, where he joined a robotics club and built his own robot dancer, Drikybot.

That’s when Audrick was noticed by Aldebaran Robotics, creators of the widely loved NAO robot. Audrick now works for Adebaran as a mechantronics engineer and continues to mix dancing with robotics in his free time.

For more fun videos from Audrick, you can check out his YouTube channel.


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Andrew Terranova

Andrew Terranova

Andrew Terranova is an electrical engineer, writer and an electronics and robotics hobbyist. He is an active member of the Let’s Make Robots community, and handles public relations for the site.
Andrew has created and curated robotics exhibits for the Children’s Museum of Somerset County, NJ and taught robotics classes for the Kaleidoscope Learning Center in Blairstown, NJ and for a public primary school. Andrew is always looking for ways to engage makers and educators.

  • Robini Karen

    Someone also took NAO robot for a skydiving! check out the video here:

  • Hipotia

    Ahahaha :D

  • Andrew Terranova

    Check this video to see Audrick performing with the NAO robots in front of an audience. It was great to see their reactions. They were clearly digging it.