MAKE 03: Cars and Halloween


Hack your car with a dashboard PC, remote control, iPod, biodiesel, and more. Plus: Halloween animatronics, stun-gun potato cannon, VCR cat feeder, welding primer, and ultimate maker’s tools.


Backyard Biodiesel

Backyard Biodiesel

Biodiesel is vegetable oil (often used) that’s been chemically converted into a fuel thin enough to spray through a diesel fuel-injection system. No special equipment is needed to “cook” a...


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Bots Brewed Here

Bots Brewed Here

Silicon Valley's HomeBrew Robotics Club is leading the development of an open source robot hardware system. Quinn Norton interviews Chuck McManis.

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Maker’s Corner

Questions and comments, information about the free MAKE newsletter and digital edition, and MAKE Amends, our apology section, for mistakes in past issues.

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