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MAKE 12: Upload

MAKE Volume 12 features our special section on digital arts and crafts called “Upload,” where you’ll learn how to take infrared photographs, shoot movies with custom backgrounds, and make fun-to-watch slideshows of your digital family photos.

You’ll also learn how to make an extremely loud air whistle, a solar-powered xylophone, and a TV remote control that’s powered by your muscles. As usual, you’ll find plenty of other exciting how-to projects inside.


The Atlatl

The Atlatl

Before the bow and arrow there was the atlatl*, or spear-thrower, an ancient weapon that could throw a spear or dart with enough force to penetrate a mammoth’s hide. It...


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Decided to save some money on an tree guy and go DIY with it, did you? Impaled on a branch, with limited resources ... what now?

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