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MAKE 24: Space


MAKE blasts into orbit and beyond with our DIY SPACE issue. Put your own satellite in orbit, launch a stratosphere balloon probe, and analyze galaxies for $20 with an easy spectrograph! We talk to the rocket mavericks reinventing the space industry, and renegade NASA hackers making smartphone robots and Lego satellites. Of course, as usual, we’ve got a full payload of other cool DIY projects, from a helium-balloon camera that’s better than Google Earth, to an electromagnetic levitator that shoots aluminum rings, to a simple stroboscope that takes the most amazing freeze-frame photos. Plus: party-pleasing automated photo booth that prints out photo strips, MythBusters’ Adam Savage teaches you hard-shell moldmaking, and much more.


Add Volume, Jack

Add Volume, Jack

Many cheap, fun sonic and musical toys have built-in speakers and no output jack. This limits their volume, unless you constantly hold them up to a microphone. Here’s how to...


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Sneaky Milk Plastic

Sneaky Milk Plastic

Note: This appeared in Make: volume 24. It was excerpted with permission from Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things by Cy Tymony (Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2003). Don’t have a 3D printer to...



Extreme Zap-a-Mole

Learn how a single microcontroller does the work of 20 old-school chips. Related Topics #MAKE 24 Charles Platt Charles Platt is the author of Make: Electronics, an introductory guide for...

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Freezer Bag Holder

Coat hanger keeps zip-lock bags open. Related Topics #MAKE 24 Larry Cotton Larry Cotton is a semi-retired power-tool designer and part-time community college math instructor. He loves music and musical...

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Garden of DIY Delights

Make: Projects is our newest online service, a living library of how-to tutorials being built by the entire maker community. Related Topics #MAKE 24 Gareth Branwyn Gareth Branwyn is a...

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Rocket Men

Mavericks of the private space industry. Related Topics #MAKE 24 Charles Platt Charles Platt is the author of Make: Electronics, an introductory guide for all ages. He is completing a...

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In February 2006, crew members of the International Space Station hand-launched a disembodied spacesuit into Earth’s orbit during a spacewalk. Related Topics #MAKE 24 rachelhobson

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Sun Time

If you know how many hands it takes to measure from east to west, you can figure out how many hours you have left to play today! Related Topics #MAKE...

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