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Make: Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing

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Make: Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing

MAKE’s guide to 3D printing explains what it is and how to get started, and features a buyers guide, showcasing 15 of the most popular printers on the market, to help prospective buyers make smart choices.

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Melissa Morgan

Make: Managing Editor


Before You Start

On the Cover

On the Cover

From left to right: The Afinia H-Series (Microboards Technology), Printrbot LC (Printrbot), and Cube (3D Systems). 8D Cubic Lattice designed by Chris K. Palmer and printed by the Type A Series 1...


Our Slicer Profiles

Over the course of reviewing the printers we fine-tuned the slicer profiles for some of the machines. Here are our .ini files for you to try out and tweak! Right-click...





  1. Ian Johnson says:

    Where is the STL for the test model that was created?