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MAKE 37: Drones

MAKE 37: Drones

MAKE Volume 37 takes a look at the evolving technologies that allow makers to do amazing things with both traditional R/C and self-piloting drones. Get a handle on terminology with a drone anatomy diagram, check out how to get amazing photos and videos using quadcopters, and get tips on using... Read more »

Make: Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing 2014

Make: Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing 2014

Which 3D printer is right for you? The world of desktop 3D printing is rapidly expanding and new companies and printer models are emerging daily.  With so many options to choose from, how do you decide what machine is right for you? The second annual MAKE Ultimate Guide to 3D... Read more »

MAKE 35: Danger!

MAKE 35: Danger!

Introducing MAKE Volume 35: the Danger issue! Meet makers who like to play with fire in a variety of ways. If you want to turn up the heat yourself, learn how to make a fire tornado using an old turntable or build your own Six-Pack Tesla Coil. With 23 fantastic... Read more »

MAKE 34: Robotics

MAKE 34: Robotics

Join the robot uprising! There’s never been a better time to delve into robotics, whether you’re a tinkerer or a more serious explorer. With the powerful tools and expertise now available, the next great leap in robot evolution is just as likely to come from your garage as a research... Read more »

MAKE 30: Smarter Homes

MAKE 30: Smarter Homes

Until recently, home automation was gimmicky, finicky, and user-hostile. But today, thanks to a new crop of devices and technology standards, home automation is useful, fun, and maker-friendly. In the special section of MAKE Vol 30, we’ll show you: how to flip any switch in your home with a smartphone,... Read more »

MAKE 31: Punk Science

MAKE 31: Punk Science

The maker movement is making science exciting again. Forget the lame baking soda “volcanoes” and the zillion-dollar supercolliders — just as punk rock took music back from the supergroups and big studios, “punk scientists” are making inexpensive new tools to conduct real experiments in garages, schools, and hackerspaces. In MAKE... Read more »

MAKE 32: Design for Makers

MAKE 32: Design for Makers

Forget duct tape and baling wire — now makers can design and manufacture things as beautiful as Apple and as slick as Dyson and Audi. We’ll show you how to conceive and visualize great-looking projects with our speed course in industrial design — then build them with tools like vacuum... Read more »

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