8.jpgI’m ordering a GloFish soon. GloFish are fluorescent zebra fish that were originally bred to detect pollution in the water. If the fish is glowing, then there’s bad stuff in the water. Recently, these have gone on sale as pets. The “pet versions” will just glow all the time. There has been a bit of a debate over these little guys, right now you can’t own, transport or sell them in California. Before my new glowing friend gets here I want to build an aquarium for him. For daytime viewing, a fluorescent or halogen light and for night time viewing a black light. The fish absorb light and re-emit light, apparently it’s quite striking to see it in person. Web cam, web controlled lights, and web viewable stats on the tank is what I have planned too. I’m currently checking out King Vinnie’s DIY aquarium site– if there are any others let me know.