Paper shredders are a necessity these days but they are a pain to use. The smallest can only handle one sheet of paper at a time, which makes shredding a pretty tedious task. The largest cost thousands of dollars and take up a lot of room. Short of an incinerator, is there a better way to shred paper?

My wife has four or five bags of paper to shred, leftovers from a year-end filing. That’s probably a couple of hours of work for me or her to shred. We have a small shredder that’s the size of a waste basket and is very slow. There’s a larger shredder at the office, one that takes 15 pages a minute but price and size make this unpractical for home use. I looked up shredders on epinions and no one seems particularly happy with the lower price models. Also, there are shredding services that will come and pick up paper but I don’t live in an urban area.

I’d be interested to hear good ideas for home-sized solutions to paper shredding.