Hand powered iPod Shuffle

Okay, this is what my friends call a “Torronesque” project. This is where I usually come up with something and build it, and it really has no purpose or usefulness- but on further inspection it’s kinda neat. This is the iPod shuffle hand charger, actually recharger. There are many “crank powered” accessories floating around, so I thought I’d try a few and figure out if the iPod shuffle can be recharged with one. Well, it can, sorta. Here it is in action! I am still working out the best voltage regulator and wiring, as I figure it out, I’ll post the details, I don’t what to screw up everyone’s shuffles. What I’d really like to do is add little power generating motors to more things. Imagine getting a little power charge everytime you press a key or open your or phone laptop, maybe it wouldn’t matter that much, but multiply that by a billion people and perhaps it would…

0 thoughts on “Hand powered iPod Shuffle

  1. ironwarrior says:

    WoW thats cool. I was thinking of making a science project like that but I have no idea how to make it. I saw a Nintendo DS and gameboy SP crank charger. I was wondering if you can tell me how to make one?

    NinjaSenshi loging out I mean Ironwarrior

  2. philliptorrone says:

    i need to get one of those nintendo chargers, i bet they’ll work (and are pretty cheap). i need to test a bunch of stuff out before i have people killing their shuffles.

  3. jonasyorg says:

    sorry, this is cool but useless if it only charges while you’re cranking…add a spiral spring such that you can crank it once, the spring will unwind at a constant rate and thus charge it for a little while, and you can then crank it again when the spring discharged (I think this is the technology used by that company with the wind up radios)

  4. ironwarrior says:

    I understand that but i cant find a acience fair project to do and this sounds great aint gona use it on a shuffle first ill try it on something else

  5. taloston says:

    Very interesting!
    I’m currently beginning planning on the development of a small electronic device powered by kinetically generated subtle-energy, or micro-energy.
    Drop me a line sometime, perhaps we can talk about it, I’m in dire need of someone who has a clue of how to materialize [or reveal the impossibility] of what I’m thinking of.

  6. taloston says:

    Sorry, the email address is trevor [@] exposedbrain dot com.

  7. angusg says:

    What’s really needed is a wind-up mobile phone charger. Just as there’s no electricity for radios, there’s no telecomm landlines so the cellphone networks are taking off bigtime in Africa and elsewhere. If you can charge your phone without a mains supply it would help African comms enormously. It would need a multipurpose tel adapters for different major cellphone manufacurers.

  8. macslut says:

    I would totally buy one of these if it wasn’t too expensive. I have a sailboat and always look for ways to do without comsuming battery power. How much time do you think it would take to hand crank a full Shuffle charge?

  9. jck0108 says:

    gorgeous, maybe if there were more crank-tronics, it might reshape the stereotype of geeks into “dudes with the really buff biceps.”

  10. mojomofo says:

    The company that makes the wind-up radios is Freeplay and I think they’ve got a charger for mobile devices…


  11. Freeplay