Prius owners, we want to talk to you!

prius.jpgThere’s a secret “stealth mode” which allows Prius owners to put their cars in all-electric mode. While it’s not functional in the USA, it does work in Japan and Europe. Some Prius hackers have already enabled the button and added an extra battery. There’s a bit about it here and you can order the kit here ($45). If you’re willing and able to do this on a 2004-2005 Prius, please let us know- we want to feature this in an upcoming issue of Make! email, AIM/iChat or Skype me.

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  1. Here’s another idea for an ’04-’05 Prius hack:

    The Priuses (Priui?) have a color touch-screen LCD in the dash that is capable of taking a video input. If the touch-screen signal could be routed to a serial or USB connection, you could use the dash-board screen to control a laptop (or even a 1U server in the storage area) which could then be used as a basis for a variety of geeky things…

    Any ideas?

  2. I think that the car should have a no-stealth option and produce some kind of surrogate engine noise, even if it

  3. Heck, I’d just like to find a way to make the accessory outlet stay on when the car is turned off. Do you think they are afraid I would run down the battery?

  4. Is there any Prius owners out there really getting 60 mpg?

    I’ve only owner mine about a month and am getting just a little over 40 mpg.

  5. I’ve got an 02 Prius, with 90000 miles. I’m concerned with the life of the propulsion battery (the big one).
    What battery life have other owners experienced.

  6. When I place any weight on the passenger side that damn beeper continues to beep. Does anyone know how to turn it off?

  7. Strange that the US model does not have this feature readily available. It does change one of its top features (compared to other brands) that usually attracts many people..

    Up until now I have not heard of any battery life problems (after searching a few forums and articles on the internet).
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  8. I read about the all electric option in other countries. I read that there is a switch blank out on the left side of the steering wheel that is supposed to house the all electric switch. I think there is a kit you can get to make the upgrade, but I would be careful – you don’t want to hurt the factory warranty by cutting any wires.

    I get about 44-46MPG.

  9. There is a switch blank – I was just in Europe and saw many Prius(s) driving around. I looked into the dash and saw an “EV” button on the lefthand side, below the steering wheel. I’m assuming that this “EV” button is the electric-only option, since I don’t have this on my car. I know there is a company that sells a kit to use this feature, but I don’t know if it voids the warranty. Also, the kit doesn’t give you the EV switch – instead, you operate the EV mode with the blinker/high-beam switch (I think).

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  10. Hey when gas hits 4 dollars a gallon ill pay that to fill up my 850i and watch you anorexic prius drivers freeze to death after ive burned up all the oil and watch the cute little forest critters pick the meat off your dessicated corpses. While other people come up with a good idea for actually replacing oil instead of just using less of it and dumping your stupid prius batteries everywhere.

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