Building a BlueSniper Rifle

snip.jpgTom’s Hardware has a cool step-by-step on building a long range Bluetooth sniper rifle. After construction they were able to find 20 devices from over a half mile away in downtown Los Angeles. This is part one of the article which is only hardware construction with the antenna, gumstick computer, etc.. the 2nd part of the article should be posted soon and it will explore “various open-source and never-before-released Bluetooth sniffing and attack tools on the Gumstix computer.”

0 thoughts on “Building a BlueSniper Rifle

  1. Seems like the perfect way to get yourself arrested and thrown into a jail cell in Cuba with no access to a lawyer.

  2. Seems like it should be possible to use this and a Bluetooth mouse/keyboard to control a Bluetooth-enabled computer from a mile away. I find that possibility scarier than stealing data from phones and PDAs, personally.

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