Google Map projects round up

map.jpgGoogle maps with its new satellite photos feature has only been out a week and there’s already a ton of neat projects out. “Memory maps” are photos with group annotations. Here’s a Craigslist and Google map mash up so you can find housing and maps at the same time. Here’s a Google maps sightseeing blog with some amazing photos. And lastly, here’s what might be the biggest text on the planet.

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  1. Somewhat off-topic for a “Google Maps Round-up” post- however, the World Wind application deserves some mention to mapping enthusiasts. At least, for those who may not have heard of this before (I just discovered it for myself via this Boing Boing post). I would love to figure out a way to integrate the functionality and feel of World Wind into a web element (much like the World Kit program, only more dimensional)

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