Make Fire with a Can of Coke and a Chocolate Bar

Cokecan1706.jpgKevin O says “Directions on how to make fire with just an old soda can and a chocolate bar.. Truly the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my life. The short of it, chocolate is an abrasive, polishes convex bottom of can. The can acts a reflector, put tinder at focal point presto you have fire to roast hot dogs to. This trick is sure to amaze anyone when you’re out in the bush this summer”. More here. Quite handy!

0 thoughts on “Make Fire with a Can of Coke and a Chocolate Bar

  1. I was able to get a candle wick to start smoking using a diet coke can and some Brasso (metal polish). I was pretty impressed! Obviously I needed to polish the bottom some more, but all I wanted to see was if it would work.

  2. I fired up the Dremel tool. At 65,000 rpms and some silver polish, I was able to make a can shine in less than 10 min. It’s raining today and looks like rain for the rest of the week. Looken for some sunshine!

  3. I tried this project using a V8 can and some “softscrub” (it’s like comet cleanser), and after almost an hour of on and off polishing, I could not get the can surface shiny enough. Next attempt will be with an actual soda can (maybe they use a different metal than a V8 can?) and I’m going to break out the dremel.

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