DIY MultiMediaCard MP3 player

mp3.jpgI think this might be my new MP3 player. This MP3 player uses cheap MMC for storage, powered by a single AAA battery running a 20 Mhz chip which can play files up to 256 kBps at 44.1 kHz. ID3 support, Nokia LCD screen, micro joystick, not bad at all. Full schematic & pcb, hex file available. I think encasing this in clear lucite would be rad. Link.

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  1. Except that the source code to actually run the PIC costs 265 euros for educational customers, even more for commercial use. It’s still clever circuit design with minimal components, but without code to run on it it isn’t going to get you anywhere,

  2. You don’t need the source code to get it running! Only the HEX-file to program the PIC microcontroller is needed. That one is free to download!!
    You’ll want the source code only when you want to make changes to the software..

  3. This one has open source code, and is very cheap to build: .

    I’ve been using this thing for about two and a half years as my primary player, and it still works perfectly. I worked really hard on it, and i’m really proud of it! It’s also reasonably easy to modify for automated control so… Make a screaming doll! Make a singing refrigerator!

    also, look at some other good ones:
    come to think of it, there’s about two dozen open source, fully functional player designs floating around. I leave it to you and your google fingers!

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