tasergun.jpgTaser upgraded via FarkLightning On Demand is a volunteer organization of engineers, artists, scientists and machinists. Our key objective is to produce a controllable discharge of lightning at the greatest physical scale imaginable using modern technology. One of the projects is a 110,000 Volt Taser Cannon. The Taser Cannon can direct a 15,000 Ampere plasma channel through the air along a straight trajectory, at grounded targets up to 35 ft downrange. Link.

0 thoughts on “110,000 Volt Taser Cannon

  1. It would be much more interesting if ANY of the links worked on the destination pages.
    This could be 100% fake for all we can read about it.
    I love the quote "The capacitor bank is currently disassembled..."
    Sounds like a guy I knew who calimed to have built a nuclear powered motorcycle, but then, when we asked to see it said "Well, I took it apart"
    There are PLENTY of real maker projects you could post about, how about some of them?

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