Google Maps + Flickr

map.jpgLocation based photos are here! Anyone can easily(ish) add photos by adding three tags to a picture, a “”, “” and “geotagged” tag. Then you can either wait for the system to pick it up from the RSS stream for “geotagged” or you add a link to “”. When the link is clicked the site automagically looks up the photo pages you’ve just come from and searches it for “lat” and “lon” tags. Link.

0 thoughts on “Google Maps + Flickr

  1. How do people keep making these google maps +craiglist or +flickr combos? am I missing some google API or update to my google hacks book?

  2. There is much discussion of this app, how it works and how to use it in the Flickr Hacks group at Flickr, where the authors originally announced it. Also many other flickr-hacking-related subjects of interest to the Make community.


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