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Electrist – Palm Software for EE

Electrist, from Red Binary Development (aka Patrick Griffin), is a $20 PalmOS app that helps anyone who’s building or modifying electronics. It plugs values into all the commonly-used formulas, as well as many obscure ones, and even shows resistor color codes. See a glowing review on page seven of the May issue of ESSN (Energy Self Sufficiency Newsletter). Link.

0 thoughts on “Electrist – Palm Software for EE

  1. Does anyone know if there are free/cheap alternatives available for those of us who don’t have Palms? I’d be just as happy with this on my laptop, since I can use that at the house or cart it to work with me if necessary.

  2. Why is somebody advertising on this blog? Isn’t this all about things we can make? Please do your ADVERTISING elsewhere. I can go to palm sw sites for stuff like this.


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